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Trends among Facebook Australian users

Social media statistics show how much population of a country is using a particular platform. Facebook has now also introduced the statistics in the segmentation of countries. This calculation shows that more than half population of Australia is on Facebook. This is a key market for the Facebook where the business people can reach the app and publish. Some important statistics about Australian population are here that will make it easy to know trends of Facebook followed by Australians.

Social media statistics

After proper calculation, the numbers of Facebook users that are active on social media on daily basis are about 12 million. The number of users logging in each day is 1.32 billion. The active users in Australia are 2 billion. The total population of Australia is approximately 24.4M. This shows that the number of active users is about 60 percent of overall population. This number can increase but the increased proportion of Chinese population in Australia use their local community applications like Weibo. All these things show that 7 out of 10 Australians are active on Facebook and every 1 out of 2 Australians use Facebook and Instagram on daily basis.

Age group statistics

The population is divided into different age groups so that the calculation becomes easy to access. The highest number of Facebook users from Australia belongs to the age from 25 to 34. Then the age group of people from 35 to 44 is below this. The lowest number of users is from the age group 13 to 17. Also, the type of websites preferred by each age group is different. The number of users in each age group is increasing day after day because of the increased awareness of technology. People like to remain up to date and connected socially by this amazing mean.

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Interests of Australian Facebook users

There are some topics on which Australian population shared a lot of things in their newsfeed. On top of all, the International Women’s day was celebrated. This is the topic that kept Australian population engaged on social media. Then comes Melbourne cup, this is the event of horse racing and captured attraction for a large number of population. The third topic is of same-sex marriage decisions. Equality is given to everyone in taking marriage decisions. The marriage equality is given to every sex and this was a huge discussion. Qantas was also a great issue that is the carrier of the Australian flag. In the month of May during 2017, Chris Cornell’s Death was a major issue in Australia. Along with these, many other such issues took attention in Australia and kept the social media posts alive with a lot of meaningful content.

These are some of the important statistics and trends of Facebook in Australia during 2017. A large portion of the Australian population is now moving towards Facebook and they are giving this social platform a lot of importance because of the value it provides to them in the form of building social relations.